Memorial Weekend

What a busy Memorial Weekend we had! Will got back Thursday from his sales meeting & got the car loaded, so when I got back from work we headed 'Back Home to Indiana.' We got in about 1 in the morning, which sounds terrible, but it really helps having my parents in Indy to break-up the 6 hour car trip to Floyds Knobs.
My parents were watching Sadie for us that weekend (Thank you!)...so around 1:30 on Friday, we headed down to Floyds Knobs. Will was a groomsmen in Kevin Andres' wedding. It's one of his oldest friends. Kevin was an Usher in our wedding.
Kevin and Will at our wedding back in September.

The three amigos. Kevin, Will & Joe. They have all been best friends since grade school.
So we got in to Floyds Knobs around 4ish and chatted with the family for a little bit, but then quickly got ready to meet Joe and head to the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner!
^^Audrey and Kevin rehearsing^^
^^The groomsmen^^
I love the excitement the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner bring. This one was no different. Audrey and Kevin have been together for 8 years, so they were more than ready for their special day, and rightfully so!
^^Kevin, Joe and Will at the rehearsal^^
We all left the church and headed to the dinner that was hosted by Kevin's family. It was so lovely, relaxed and fun. Kevin's Dad gave a wonderful speech that had us all tearing up.
^^Will and I celebrating the couple^^
I've noticed in the last year with all the weddings we attended I was too busy trying to take pictures that I wasn't in the moment, especially at the ceremony. I put the camera down and just watched. Audrey and Kevin couldn't stop smiling. It was beautiful and God will continue to bless them.

^^brothers enjoying the reception^^

^^Kevin and the groomsmen having fun at the reception^^

^^The Navilles all dressed up for the wedding^^
We had a blast and loved the family & friends we got to see because of the wedding-it was an added bonus! :)  We headed back to Indy on Sunday to spend a little time with my parents & we were missing our Sadie girl. She was having a blast with Hunter and my parents though.
Memorial weekend is also race weekend in Indy-which is huge! A lot of my family members have been attending for 30 years. My Uncle Chris and his best friend Roy come in every year for the race. It's tradition that we see them! Chris is my Mom's youngest brother and he lives in Connecticut.
These were all taken on my Iphone, so the quality isn't the best!
^^Uncle Chris and I^^
^^Mom and her little brother^^
^^Will and I with Uncle Chris^^

Roy and Mom. As you can imagine, his shirt was a hit!
Sorry for the long post with lots of pictures and words, but I did warn you, we had a busy weekend! Really, we are still recovering from it. A little sleep deprived, but overall, it was a fun weekend!

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