May Ramblings.

This week Will is in Europe and myself in Chicago. Different time zones, busy schedules and not a lot of talking. The last time he went was in October a month after our wedding. Then I didn't have a job and was left there literally by myself. (I am being so dramatic, but it does suck a little bit) This time around I have a job and we have Sadie. Our life keeps changing and family continues to grow. :) Hopefully one day I'll be able to go with him, one day.

Family walk

While he is gone, I try to keep myself busy- it truly does help. The last time he went I organized our wedding cards and put our save the date, invitation and a few other things in a memory box. This time around I am planning our year anniversary! Yes, you heard right! We are only 4 months away. Which is still some time, but with this summer being so busy, I know if I don't start thinking of what I want to do, I will never get started. So here is what we have planned so far...

Our first time eating outdoors this year.

We are going to a bed and breakfast in Michigan on labor day weekend. So that is actually the weekend before our anniversary, but we wanted to have that extra Monday to enjoy our special occasion. I also know we are doing a lot of traditional things. Such as, traditional gifts, which the traditional gift for 1 year is paper. We also have the top of our cake saved in our freezer to eat on our anniversary. Which I've heard from several people that usually it's not good, but o well, we'll suffer through one bite!

Sadie really has nothing to do with this post, besides the obvious, she's really cute.

I do know what I'm getting Will for a gift. Like I said, we are doing traditional gifts. I of course can't spill the beans on here because hopefully he still reads this blog ;)  Lastly, I want to do a small photo shoot of Will and I. It's something that I want to continue through the years as our family grows and grows. It already makes my heart happy thinking of what we will look like 10 years from now! Do you guys have any ideas that you'll think I will love? Share with me, please!

^^this is the fort we built a couple of weeks ago^^

I sort of just plopped these fort pictures in the middle of my ramblings of anniversary, Will being gone and beautiful weather. I thought, I'm already rambling, why not add these pictures in the mix. :) The three of Will and I are hilarious because Sadie was so unsure of our fort, but right when we were trying to get a picture of us, she came in and fell on Will and I. Worth looking at. :)

All of these sunny pictures on my blog are not edited, I promise. The weather here has been incredible. Will, myself and Sadie have been soaking it all in, literally. We got burnt Saturday, and we were somewhat ok with it.

I'm so looking forward to really enjoy our first summer here. We really do spend a lot of time outdoors. There are a lot of new biking trails we want to try and restaurants we want to test out.. etc. Remember that grill I bought Will for his birthday? Yeah, that baby has been put to good use already. It makes my heart happy because Will loves it!

My Mom is coming here on Thursday to keep me company for a few days. I was unable to see her on Mother's Day, so I am anxious to see her! Have a great week everyone!


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