5 things on Friday.

Happy Friday, everyone! I wanted to share 5 things that are made me smile this week. Here we go...

1.) April showers, bring May flowers! 

      I LOVE all the flowers and trees blooming this week. Something about spring that seems like a fresh start. 

2.) This book. 

I read it in the morning and it lets me start my days fresh and with God. 

3.) Snuggles with my pup. 

After a long day at doggy daycare, this girl was out. She heard her first clap of thunder and didn't know what to think. 

4.) Sun tea. 

We made our first batch of sun tea and it was deeeliiiciousss!

5.) Fort building.

                Our fort from the outside
                Our fort from the inside.

Wednesday night rolled around and I decided that Will and I were going to build a fort, eat pizza, watch a movie and just act like kids for a night. He has been super busy at work (which is wonderful), but also adds stress to him. He needed a night where he didn't have to think about anything, except to have fun! It was so FUN. I believe more fort building is in our future. 

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