Spring happenings.

Dare I say? A whole week without a winter coat or a coat at all. Has spring sprung? I sure hope so. We were itching to get out. My shorts were looking at me sad. I needed sun. We have spent every waking moment in this glorious weather outdoors. Soaking it all in. If this winter has taught me anything, its that I will not take a sunny day for granted ever again.
^^ Amen, amen for grills. First time using it^^
^^ This girl is loving the weather. Thank God for our fenced in yard. ^^
^^kitchens are made for dancing^^

Happy to see blooms on the trees, the warm sun on my skin, just happy. Life is so sweet and lately, I've been feeling the blessings pour into our lives. Not anything particular, life is just good. Don't want to miss or take a second for granted.

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