Family Pictures!

Back in February, we got my Mom family pictures for her birthday. We really only have good pictures of our family at our respective weddings. I wanted to get something of our family that was a little more casual. So, I contacted my favorite photographer, Lexi, of Lexi Arielle Photography. She's incredible. Check her out. Anyway, here are a few pictures!

My beautiful family. My life. My happiness.

My beautiful parents. They will be celebrating 28 years of marriage this June. I love them so.
My brother and his beautiful wife, Julie. I love seeing him so happy. We have her to Thank.

Call it 'newlyweds', but I just say I've found my soul mate. I love him.

Last, but certainly not least, the kids!
The best part of the shoot was that it was quick and easy. Probably a total of 20 minutes for the whole thing! Have I mentioned before I love family pictures? I do, it's true.

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