Easter Weekend.

"Was it necessary for Christ to suffer these things and to enter into his Glory." Luke 24:26 

I prayed about this verse on Easter. It was necessary for Jesus to die so that a sinner like me can live. Because Jesus suffered and rose again I have hope.

Well it finally happened. A big holiday weekend where Alyson forgets her lovely camera in Chicago. I was so bummed. I think I talked about it in the car for an hour. I knew it was going to happen eventually. Ok, now that I am done whining about that...on to Easter, with my Iphone.

  We left Friday afternoon for my parents house. We got there around 6pm and were able to eat dinner with them, while Sadie and Hunter played. Just a nice relaxing evening. We woke up Saturday and had a celebration with my family. Easter lunch, a few Easter cards and some laughs.

  Will and I left my parents around 1 and got to Will's parents house around 3. His mom's side of the family was at the house already. We hadn't seen some of them since our wedding. It was great to catch up with them.

  We woke up at 7am to attend 8:30am mass. We got to watch 3 Easter egg hunts. I seriously can't get enough of all the cute kiddos in their Easter attire. 



After mass we went to Will's Aunt Judy and Uncle Tracy's home and celebrated with the Navilles. Again, we hadn't seen some of them since our wedding, so it was nice to catch up with all of them. 

Will and his Grandpa. :)

Our first Easter as a married couple. It was lovely. Wow! What a day to celebrate. Jesus dying for us, so that we can feel love, give love and know love. Thank you, LORD for everything. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrating with your loved ones.

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