Birthday Celebrations

I've been wanting to post this for awhile, but once Will's birthday passed we were so busy, I don't think I ever sat down to open up our computer-which was nice, but I also like keeping family informed of us!
So, Will's birthday was so much fun! I really wanted him to feel special on his birthday because he makes me feel special everyday. The weekend before his actual birthday (I wonder how many times I'm going to type that in this post.) anyway, we met some friends at Revolution Brewery (Will's choice.) It was crazzzy busy. The food, beer & company was great, however, I don't think we will be going back. A one and done. Birthday boy had fun and got some growlers for the road.
^^ Us at the table. Our good friend, Chris and his girlfriend, Katie came up for the celebration. Will with his growlers. Also, our friends Dave and Bri came for the birthday boy too! He is loved. ^^

Now on to his actual birthday, April 2nd. I woke him up with this. :)

I know, I know. Not the healthiest. However, you only turn 25 once and donuts rock, so why the heck not! He loved it. I put candles on the donuts and walked in our bedroom singing to him. It was adorable.

We both left work and then met up again for lunch. That was special to be able to catch up with him. I headed home and got things ready for when he got home. He requested bacon wrapped steak with mashed potatoes and green beans & of course cake!

My sunshine :)

^^ & just for fun I got him trick candles. We were laughing so hard. ^^

You may be wondering, 'what did you get him?' Well, he has really been wanting a nice weber grill, and I knew he would use it & we love to grill out in spring- summer. I think he knew it was coming, but he was excited nonetheless.

Happy, happy. I don't know why the grill looks so small here, because its not. Anyway, around his bday he was still a little chilly, so once the weather warmed up, we have cooked the majority of our meals on this baby. I seriously love it almost as much as he does. My parents gave him some grilling things for his bday and one was a nice cook book. He loves that book.

All and all his birthday was a major success. Looking forward to this year and making it a great one :) God truly blessed me in allowing me to marry my best friend. You make everyday worth it and I love you!

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