A happy list.

Pictures that make me happy lately.
// The sun is shining in our windows.
// I saw two of my best friends in Bloomington a last weekend- made my heart happy.
// Sadie is growing & becoming a tad more independent.
// Spring is arrounnnnddddd the corner, we hope :)
// Will's 25th birthday is next week and I've got a couple surprises up my sleeve.
// I've had some really great "God time" the past two weeks.
// Praying for my husband is such a blessing.
// Concert tickets & summer plans.
// Smiled while cleaning our house today because it means we live here, together.
// Bought the movie 'Frozen' for myself- Wish I could bottle Olaf up and take him out when I needed a smile.
// Finally caught up on laundry after a couple weekends of traveling...best feeling
// A girls night that consisted of red wine, Chinese food (in the real boxes), laughter, good conversations and firemen visiting our home at 3 in the morning.
// ^ A blooming friendship.
// Hip-hop charades with my husband that in turn caused us to laugh and smile a lot with each other. Those are the BEST moments.
// Deep conversations with my husband. because he is smart and doesn't make fun of the million questions I ask him.
// My parents. Because at any point in the day they are there for me and make me smile.

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