Valentines Day!

Our first married Valentines day has come and gone. How romantic that I had to work until 8pm on Valentines day :)  We aren't big on "going out to eat on valentines day" for the simple reasons that its expensive & there are a lot of people out. I would rather have some quiet time with my sweetie in our own home.

We agreed that we weren't going to get anything for each other, or so I thought...

I walk in the door from work to find these on our table.
A fire roaring in our new fire place. My favorite.
A very sweet card.
& a toast to top it off!
So very sweet, thoughtful and honestly my perfect idea of valentines day.
Thank you, Will. My love for you can never be truly expressed in words. You are my better half, my sunshine and everyday I wake up and look at you, I count my blessings. Thank you for making me laugh and loving my so fiercely.

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