Happy March, everyone. I told myself I wasn't going to bring up the weather in this blog post, but who I am I kidding, everyone is talking about! You go anywhere & someone says, "so, more snow tonight?" I've stopped keeping track of because I have no control over Mother Nature. Ok. Moving on. 

Since our move Will and I have been a million times happier. We feel much more at ease and love not sharing anything. Sadie is also a lot happier. O & have I mentioned how much I love having a fireplace. 
It's my favorite. 

In other exciting news, we got a NEW car. Well new to us. It's a 2010 jeep patriot. We traded in my 1998 Malibu that my family got in 1999. CRAZY. We really love it.. If you couldn't tell. :) 

Lots of decorating, cuddles & coffee. I guess the cold weather is good for something, I guess. I have a post coming Friday for mine and Wills 6 month anniversary. I can't believe it. The time has gone so quickly. I find myself picking up my camera more to document because time is so fleeting and I don't want to forget anything. 

& lastly, I wanted to share this photo of my grandparents from their wedding in 1960 and Will and I at our wedding with the same cake topper. Made me smile. 

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