Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's something every girl will hear as they are growing up, "you are just like your mother." Whether you look like her or act like or if you're like me and really lucky, a little of both. :) As kids and teenagers, we try to fight it. We want to be our own person and have independence from our parents. However, once we hit a certain age, we embrace it. Maybe we start realizing all the love and time our parents have poured into us or maybe we are starting families of our own and just simply appreciate them more. Well I am hear to tell all of you that being like your mother is really not a bad thing, and for me, it's a huge compliment.

With the help of my husband I have complied a list of a few reasons my Mom and I are alike. These aren't sentimental reasons, but more quirky reasons I'm like my Mom.

1.) When the Mom snorts, so does the daughter.
      This is such a beautiful trait that she has passed down to me. If you get us laughing hard enough this will happen. My Mom will start crying, snorting and laughing at the same time...which in return makes the rest of family cry from laughter at her. I really should film it because it's hilarious.

2.) We are not shy.
      We do not meet a stranger, ever. We both can talk to people we just met like we've known them our whole lives.

3.) We like beer.
     This can count for this list, right? :) All I have to say is thanks, Mom!

4.) Our sneezes.
     We get on each other for how incredibly loud and powerful our sneezes are, yet, quite hilariously, they are eerily similar :)

and of course I could go on and on with this list of silly quirky traits that my Mom has passed down to me and I will always cherish those traits, but those are not the ones I admire most about her. Here's the most important list.
1.) Her heart.
You guys, it's huge. She shares so much love to everyone. Family, friends, strangers. Her love for the world is endless.
2.) Her smile/laugh.
It's contagious. When she smiles, she lights up a world. When she laughs, you start laughing with her.
3.) Better person.
You are a better person because you know her. No joke. She gives so much, without having a lot to give. She makes the world a better place by just living.
4.) Her work ethic.
She is the toughest and hardest working lady I've ever met. She can't sit still & is always, always working. It's pretty incredible.
Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for your love, guidance, friendship and for being the best Mom to Derek & I. We appreciate and love you more than words could ever say. We hope that on your birthday you get as much love as you give to the world!

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