Update on Sadie girl!

This girl has stole our heart. She has the sweetest heart & is becoming more playful as the days go by. The first night she was in her forever home she was a little unsure of what was going on & who we were, BUT she fell in love with her daddy quickly.

This is her asleep on her daddy's lap the first night she came home. She was pretty shaky all night, but loved having people love on her. Something she has never felt in her year of being alive. We adopted Sadie from the humane society and they recommended crate training her, at least until she becomes comfortable with us & our home. We were a little nervous that she wouldn't like this or would try to fight us, but we were pleasantly surprised on the first night when she walked right into her crate and fell asleep on her own bed. The important thing to remember is you aren't necessarily punishing them when you are crate training your dog, but you are giving them their own space where they can go if they are unsure of what's happening etc.. 

We have had Sadie for five days & have already noticed a huge difference in her. She eats well, is playful, but also knows when to settle down. You can tell she absolutely trusts Will & I, but is unsure of other people. It takes her awhile to warm up & usually if people are in our place, she walks in to her crate and falls asleep; Which we are ok with right now. We know in time she will warm up and will let other people pet her and love on her. 

She loves cuddling on the couch with daddy or I. It's probably her most favorite thing. 

She thinks she's a person and we are ok with that. She gives us lots of love and kisses! 

                  Our stockings for Christmas. We love you, Sadie girl! 

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