Thanksgiving 2013

Better late than never, right?

Anyway, welcome to Thanksgiving with the Dant/Naville family. We celebrated at my brother and sis-in-law's & it was set up beautifully. Our Holidays are very relaxing with lots of laughter, sports or talking about sports. What can I say? My brother and Dad tend to run the show with their "big" personalities. I will say they are the source of a lot of our laughter during the holidays. 

I said it once, but my sis-in-law knows how to entertain. The table was simple, but beautiful. A touch of elegance, with a dash of rustic. The perfect set-up. Julie assigned each family to bring some food to help out & really that day we just had the turkey to cook. 

More pictures of the beautiful table. 

Seriously? Pinterest worthy!  Her china plates are just beautiful! 

Turkey fresh out of the oven! & yes it was just as delicious as it looks! 

My sis-in-law decorated these cute cupcakes too. Did I mention she's really talented? 

Meet my beautiful parents. They are just the best. My heart & soul. 27 years of love and devotion. 

Meet my brother, Derek, his wife, Julie and their dog, Petey. Our wonderful hosts! 

The whole family together! 

Of course I had to get pictures with two of my favorite people. 

After dinner we were all pretty exhausted, you know, from eating all the delicious food. So we found ourselves a comfy seat and sat down to enjoy the sports and each others company. 

Julie put Petey in his holiday sweater and he zonked out. It was the cutest thing. I mean he didn't move an ounce. 

Although I am late on posting, I truly hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family or friends. Our family has seen a lot of changes, some good and some bad, but all for the best. We are thankful for the many blessings we've been given this year. 

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