Marriage Diaries Vol. 1

2 months of marriage. In some ways it feels longer, but other days it feels like the wedding was yesterday. It's been a busy 2 months. It's been blissful, but maybe not the bliss you're thinking when you are reading this. We don't skip through the park everyday while roses bloom & rainbows come out of the sky as we pass. No, not that kind of bliss. Our bliss. The kind of bliss where you are living life with your soul mate  your partner, best friend, the person you tell everything too. That kind of bliss. The bliss where you share lots of laughs, tell jokes that no one would laugh at but your spouse, special moments when you think & pray about your future together, those moments where you learn something new about each other, the moments where you are selfish and wish you could take back what you did or said, moments of uncertainty  moments of pure love. That is our bliss. This marriage is a gift. I try hard every day to be grateful/thankful for this gift I've been given. There is so much love between us and in our home. My heart is happy when he comes in the door, or I make him laugh, or see him smile. He makes this life worth while. 

I didn't really know what to expect for our first 2 months of marriage. I didn't really think that marriage would feel different, but it does. Being a wife feels different. I've learned that it's alright if I'm not the perfect wife. I will never be the perfect wife, but Will will always love me. I'm so thankful for every single moment that the Lord used to teach us and how we've grown. Since September 7th I've learned to put my husbands needs before my needs every single day. He's not perfect & I am far from perfect, but I'm blown away by the grace, love and selflessness Will shows me everyday. He loves me for exactly who I am & never tries to change me. He is my biggest fan & supporter.  

Marriage is such a funny thing. Society makes planning a wedding & marriage look so glamorous  They phrase the first year of marriage as the "honeymoon phase" & that makes me giggle. To me, that puts an enormous amount of pressure on newlyweds that if your marriage isn't perfect for the first year than something is wrong with your relationship. You live, you learn and you laugh. No marriage is perfect. You get what you put in to it. Today I am thankful. Thankful for marriage. Thankful for my husband. Thankful for these 2 months of marriage. I'm thankful for the moments we've shared, the silly moments we've had in our marriage. My cup overflows with so much love & joy thanks to these 2 months. 

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