Wedding preparations!

Well, the time has come to blog about the wedding. All the pictures are finished & we couldn't be happier with them. If you are in the market for a photographer, please check out Lexi Russell. Her business is called Lexi Arielle. She is incredible. Professional, easy-going, on time & she shoots with her husband, they are an incredible team!

First up, setting up for the wedding & reception. We truly had a blast setting up and with Will's family living so close, it felt like we had a small army! :)

I was sort of dreading setting the tables and chairs up, but then Will's family came to my rescue. His aunts & uncles had it done in like 3 minutes. It was amazing! 

Loved the transformation of the gym! 

Cocktail tables that Bill and Will made- which we love! 

That's all the pictures I took of the set-up! Next up, Rehearsal & Rehearsal dinner! 


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