Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner!

The whole weekend I kept reminding myself to soak it all in. All of our family & friends in one place. Just too sweet. I was just a wee excited about our rehearsal, however, what I didn't realize was what an emotional mess I would be. Man, o man. I think I cried 3 times.. but like an excessive amount. It really just hit me how lucky I am. Will is just an amazing man & I kept looking at him thinking to myself, "how is this wonderful guy going to be MY husband." So grateful for him. The love we share & the friendship we have built over the years-We truly like, care and want the absolute best for each other.

Father Charlie giving us directions! 

The Mom's sharing a laugh! 

Family talking and laughing! 

The Naville guys getting a game plan! Will looks a little relaxed :) 

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.. Lauren (in the black dress) walked with Mason, but he was unable to show up until that evening! 

I was thinking, don't look at me Dad or I will start crying! 

Do you see the tears-It was just too hard not to cry! 

Special thanks to Audrey Harbeson for snapping some pictures for us! 

Crying again :) 

On to the rehearsal dinner! 

The bottom picture is Will's gifts to his groomsmen! 

More family!

Bride and Groom with their parents and my sweet bridesmaids! 

My cousin's fiance' took all of these pictures for us- Thank you, Andrea! 

The barn was beautifully decorated and Will's family really worked hard with food and decorations! We just loved every second of the night! 

More bridal party and barn decorations!

So blessed by my sisters and girlfriends! 

Mom and me :) 

My beautiful MOHs 

The happy Bride and Groom!

Rocking my cowgirl boots! 

With our parents :) 

Some of the Flynn crew at rehearsal dinner! 

Aunt Brenda, Dakota and my Dad! 

My little cousin, Luke really cheesin :) 

Naville Family! 

Dant Family! 

I felt like it all just went too quickly, but isn't that with everything in life? You blink and it's over. I just loved our rehearsal dinner so much. It was the perfect evening and there was just so much love. I often think back to that night a lot. I think about my feelings and how happy we all are were. So special.


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