Camping Adventure 2013

Back in September Will and I purchased a tent. We both love hiking and being outdoors, so we thought this would be the perfect tradition to start with our family! We set the date on the calendar and gathered all the necessary items we would need for camping.

 If you have a bag like mine above, use it. It helped us tremendously carrying all of our food & supplies. Also, my advice to make sure you have everything you need is to make a list and then head to dollar general where everything is $1 and get all your supplies there. They should have most of the items you need for camping & it's cheap. Win, win! 

So alas, the camping trip commenced. We headed to Chain O Lakes State Park in Northern Illinois. & let me tell you...it's gooorrgeeeooouusss. It's absolutely the biggest state park we've both been too. We were like two kids in a candy shop when we pulled in. 

Here is our home away from home.. at least for the night! We got everything set up and ready. We decided to head out on a hike and explore the area. It was a perfect fall day. A nice breeze & beautiful sunshine.

Hello gorgeous.

Following my trusty eagle scout leader through our hike. He is quite the leader! After our hike we headed back to camp & made some lunch. Ramon Noodles was on the agenda. Tips for cooking while camping... always keep it simple. Ramon Noodles are simple & delicious! 

We head to Lake Turner next to watch the sunset...& let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

The hubs taking in the sunset. I was thinking the whole time we were watching this together how God always draws a crowd over a sunset. People gather and watch the ultimate artist at work, even if they don't realize it. 

Of course I couldn't put down my camera or stop taking pictures of all the blessings around us. I just love looking at the world through my canon. 

Will wanted to test his skills on shooting manually. If there were a test, he would have aced it! Super proud!

It's unfamiliar territory for me to have someone photographing me. I'm usually the one directing people to get in the picture, while I take it. Will was loving it though! 

We headed back to camp to cook some dinner! We had hamburgers & rice! It was super delicious and most importantly, simple! 

Dinner cooking!

After dinner we sat by Will's awesome fire (that he is still talking about) and we roasted marshmallows, talked and laughed for hours. We could have stayed there forever, really because it was cold if you weren't by the fire. :) I'm just kidding, it was because my husband is incredible. 

We headed to bed around 10 and we knew we were in for a cold night, but we didn't realize how cold. This is what we woke up to find.......

Frost on the tent....

I wish I could say we woke up feeling all warm and like a couple of hardcore campers that can hang with the best of the best, but really we woke up cold, very cold. 

Everyone camping around us was of course in RV's, so they all had some form of heat in the RV. Everyone starting waking up and coming out and seeing us freezing. Will was trying so hard to get our fire big enough to get us both warm. Very quickly we became the talk of the campsite. I'm almost positive people were taking their dogs on walks several times around the circle just to see those two crazy newlyweds who camped in a tent in 30 degree weather....without a heater. In fact, we had two guys come to our campsite and bring us more fire and two cups of coffee. They said we looked like we were freezing. It was a great observation, because we were.

& frost on the car!

We just couldn't stop laughing or we were just so numb from the cold, all we could do was laugh. Of course we survived the camping trip and are back in our heated home. A luxury we all take for granted. Nonetheless though, we had such a wonderful time and created some pretty hilarious memories that one day we will be telling our children. We are already planning our spring camping trip when the park opens up again! Maybe it won't be so cold? 

& another crazy Naville newlywed story ends. Until next time, because of course, there will be a next time. 


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