Happy Changes...

Well our first week of marriage has come and gone and it was one for the record books. Some really exciting and much needed changes for us. We have been praying for God to guide us where he sees us fit to serve him. Well God answered that prayer this weekend. Here's the story:

I know I haven't blogged about this, but about 3 weeks before the wedding, our ceiling fell down in apartment- to keep a long story short, we were frustrated with this apartment and we knew that we need to find a new place.

Saturday we get up and head to Wheaton's farmers market. I have blogged about Wheaton before, but we love it and really felt right at home the second we went there. Active community with running and biking trails, quaint shops and restaurants & two Catholic Churches! We decided that after the market we were going to just check out some apartments/houses for rent. We knew this is where we God wanted us to be. We drove down a couple streets and spotted a cute house for rent and decided we had to stop and get the number.

After calling the landlord to set up a meeting & creepily looking in the windows, our first thought was this is too good to be true. We walked through the house and we both looked at each other and knew this was it! & a plus the landlord is awesome! To wrap it up, we just got a call that our paperwork has been cleared and its officially ours! We are just beyond thankful!

Another awesome and positive thing was that Will and I became parishioner at St. Michaels in Wheaton- walkable distance from our new place!! Thank you, Lord!!

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