Happy as can be..

The wedding was simply perfect. Better than any dream or wish we could have wanted on our big day. Maybe a few degrees cooler, but even THAT didn't dampen our spirits. We are back home now and our place is completely a mess. Laundry to do, presents to unwrap, cards to open...all with my husband. So sweet. I'm actually soaking in the "mess." I look at them like little blessings from our wedding. (which they are)

We are happy to be back, get back into our routine of our life, but alas, it will be a tad different. Now I get to do it with my husband. Thankful, so very thankful for that. I will have plenty of updating to do about the weekend & the big day with lots of pictures. I am so excited to see them, I may squeal. Until then my friends & family I hope this will hold you over.

Signing out for the first time as a Mrs.

Mrs. Naville

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