Farmers Market Saturday.

Well, while I'm waiting for our wedding pictures to be done I will keep on bloggin' about our lives and what is happening.

Waiting for our pictures has been a patience test for me. I was failing miserably in the beginning. Checking every minute or so to see if anything had been posted. I was driving myself crazy & my poor husband. We've seen one picture thus far, and my heart skipped a beat. It was so beautiful and romantic. I couldn't believe it was Will and I in the picture!

Gasp. & just to note, something that made the day even more special was all of our pictures were taken in Will's Grandparents backyard. So awesome that we will always have these memories & pictures. 

Anyway, life after the wedding. It has been wonderful. Really loving married life & obviously being husband and wife is just, amazing. Living life with your best friend. 

The first weekend we were back in Illinois, we went to the Wheaton farmers market. It was a beautiful fall day. Don't you just love that slight chill in the air with the sun shining still. It's my absolute favorite. We roamed the aisles like a couple of amateurs. We were both slightly intimidated by everyone there and all that could be purchased. We really didn't know where to start. 

I loved all of these books for sale! I am a big reader and Will enjoys to read also, so this aisle was a hit for us! 

Pretty handmade purses. 

Will caught in action checking out some books!

I told Will that this time of year I am a sucker for anything that has apple or pumpkin in it. Especially if it's handmade. We bought a homemade pumpkin muffin to share & homemade apple butter to name a few. So yummy!

We of course bought some homemade apples too! This stand was one of our favorites. I loved all of the fall decor!

The farmers market was a hit for us! We picked up some sweet corn, sweet potatoes, green beans & bread! The best thing is that this is only a couple of blocks from our new place! I'm in love :) 


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