Will's friends visit!

A few of Will's friends from college always try to get together every season or so. This summer they decided to meet up in Chicago since the majority of us were close or some what close to Chicago.

Anyway.. The guys of course didn't really have a plan of what they wanted to do. But alas we made our way downtown & first hit up north beach. It was an overcast day & with this cooler summer we've had, the lake front is pretty chilly too. 

Seriously amazing how there is a beach, but then you turn around and a beautiful city is right behind you. Just blows my mind! 

We played some beach football.. Which got pretty competitive with the guys & then of course they had to head into the water and see how cold it was :) 

....while the girls just watched & took pics :) 

I love this picture, this man & I'm falling in love with this city! Just awesome! 

Next we followed the crowd and blended in with  the millions of tourists on the magnificent mile and headed towards the infamous bean. It's amazing to people watch at the bean, just a bunch of people looking at themselves and taking pictures..... 

And we happened to be two people that partook in it! ;) 

Then we took a group picture! 

And lastly one of the guys. Just adorable! 

One of the best parts of the day was I got to see my bestie, Kim! Even if it was for only 10 minutes I was so happy to see her and Andrew (her bf) just love them! 

It was an awesome weekend with good friends exploring this wonderful city! Will & I were pooped Sunday. 

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