Updated apartment pictures (for now)

Transitioning in to our new life together, so we are still in the process of decorating our new place. However, here is what we have right now! & it's absolutely starting to feel like "our home" 

Of course the picture above is our bedroom. The blank wall to the left we are going to add a gallery of our wedding pictures, so that will have to wait a few more weeks! 

Love waking up and looking at the dresser with one of my favorite bible verses. "This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Of course, one one of my favorite pictures of Will & I from our proposal! 

More dresser. 


My bedside table. Yes, the flowers are fake, but they are so pretty! 

The bear was a gift from Will for Valentine's day, but it'll soon be replaced with a pillow with our wedding date on it! 

Our tiny bathroom that somehow works. I've heard most couples argue over the sink/brushing teeth or shower, but Will and I are really good about it. I can't tell yet if we just don't care or what? 

Picture of frame of our siblings is right outside of our bathroom. 

Down the hall. 

If you hadn't guessed it by now, I love pictures! 

One of my favorite picture frames is the picture frame of our parents on their wedding days & then the middle will be a picture of Will and I on our wedding day!

Closet outside of the bathroom.

Looking down the hall from the bathroom into the living room. Yes, we know it's tiny, but it honestly works for us. I think my only complaint space wise would be our kitchen. Zero room for the two of us to be in it & zero cabinet space. 

New shelves my hand man fiance just put up! 

Shelves and bench (that we love and we have added pillows to the bench) 

Now on to the kitchen, which could possibly have the most ugly cabinets that I've ever seen. 

Stove with no timer = no fun! Remaining positive as I know this place is only temporary. 

Standing in the kitchen looking at the dining room area. We love having a table to sit at and eat dinner together. It's so nice to not have distractions and to just enjoy each other's company. 

The back wall has a temporary banner hanging up that says "Will and Alyson 9-7-13" It's from one of my showers and was too cute to throw away! 

Standing in the dining room looking in at the living room. 

Since this photo was taken we have switched lampshades, I thought they were just too much for this small space and we got some nice neutral white ones that go perfect! 

Everyone compliments us on the rocking chair. I knew exactly when I saw it that I had to have it and that Will and I would soon be rocking our babies in that chair. It's so comfortable and sturdy. Only $25 at an antique store in Danville!

In the process of getting pillows for the couch.. picking colors is tricky :)

Coffee table TV tray with some more fake flowers :) And since this picture we have decorated the bottom half. I will post a picture soon! 

Our wonderful and growing plants!

Our tiny little deck that really just hold our bike and our tiny little grill. Would love for some more outdoor space, but for now, this will do! 

View of the place from the deck! Trying to find the perfect piece for the wall by the dining room area! 

Well that is a wrap-up of our place for now! I will update as much as possible :) We may complain about a few things, but no matter what this little apartment will always be special to me as it was OUR first place! Thanking God for his faithfulness


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