Mom & Dad visit!

When the four of us are together (will, myself and my parents) we have a blast. We all just click and don't have to force anything. We just truly love being together. I was so excited when my Mom finally decided they were going to come and visit! Unbeknownst to me it had been a hard week for my family and they needed a little getaway.

Welcome to beautiful St. Charles. I just love everything about this town. You feel like you are in a magazine or a movie. When Will and I start a family, it will be our home. 

My Mom and I twinning with our sunglasses! 

Me and my honey :)

Will taking paparazzi shots of me.

The LORD blessed with with my parents. Ugh, I pinch myself all the time at how lucky I am. 

& another shot of beautiful St. Charles and the Baker Hotel!


                                                                    Only the coolest bar ever.

ahh... look at her smile! It's contagious and Will is one of few people that can get her laughing! 

Just mildly obsessed with these windows and the light streaming through. The perfect ending to a beautiful day! 

Isn't she loveeellyyyyy, isn't she wooondderrfuuul!

So thankful for these two and their dedication to each other. The love they have now is stronger than it was 27 years ago. 


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