Happy Wedding Week!

Y'all I can't even wrap my head around the fact that I'm getting married in a week. Me. I'm used to attending weddings! So exciting to think that Will and I are the bride and groom!

My Mom and I are heading down to Floyds Knobs Wednesday to start setting up! How surreal that will feel. I'm trying hard to stay in the moment and to remember certain details of this process. (Why I started the blog)

I wrote on my Instagram account this morning about the gift we have been given from God. The beautiful gift of marriage. Everyday Will and I will strive to look at each other as gifts. Of course we are sinners and we will fail, but we are saved by God's grace.

Please pray for us this week & the weeks to come. Pray we strive to keep a Christ centered relationship. We appreciate the prayers so much!


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