Cubs Game

One of the things Will & I were really looking forward to doing when we got to Chicago was go to a Cubs game. My Dad is a huge cubs fan and has sort of passed it down to my brother & I.

Will had never been to Wrigley field before & I was so looking forward to showing him the ropes! My family & I would go all the time growing up :)

Our goal was to go to a game before the 2013 season was over. My friend Kim contacted me saying that her and some of her co-workers were heading to a game and asked if Will and I wanted to go. Uhhhh yessss, please! 

The game was on a Thursday so of course we hit traffic. Terrible Chicago traffic. But at last we did make it to Wrigley.. And only missed 2 innings! 

We were sooo happy to be there. We were the second to last row at the very top, but we didn't care & you never have a bad seat at Wrigley. 

I love it! It's such an awesome atmosphere! 

And of course we had to enjoy a couple old styles.. Just absolutely perfect! 

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