Am I nervous?

That has become the most frequently asked question to Will and myself. As the days wind down and we are closing in on two weeks, I can honestly say no. I'm not nervous about marrying Will. I knew (without telling him) that I was going to marry this man after our second date. Call me crazy, call it love at first sight, call it whatever you want... But something in my heart was different after that second date.

Marrying this man has been a moment I've looked forward to for 3 years now. I'm excited, anxious and ready. Seeing him for the first time will be so, so wonderful. The only thing I'm truly nervous about is having all eyes on me. Now that makes my stomach turn. 

I've been studying up on becoming a Godly wife and I wanted to sign off with this quote. "It is important to see each other as gifts every day you have together." I will never forget this quote. Every day is a gift & I get to share it with the greatest gift I'll ever receive, my best friend. 

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