Rachel's Graduation!

The following weekend after Rachel's graduation party was Rachel's graduation! Boy, o boy.. was I tired! I did make it through :) and was happy to celebrate Rach. So excited for her & her future!

We went out to eat before the graduation at River City Winery in New Albany.. I love that place. It's completely different during lunch than it is at night time. We were actually ahead of schedule & got to graduation realllllly early ;) We did have to save seats for Grandma and Grandpa Naville, Jill, Judy, Cindy and Grandma Ehlers. It was a lot of work!

We sat and anticipated the moment when Rach would walk into the gym in her cap & gown!

& there she was in all her glory! 

Rachel is super involved in the choir at Floyd Central, she is an incredible singer (hope my kids get that gene :) ) Anyway, the choir sang during the graduation ceremony and did a wonderful job! 

Rachel is in the front row! 

The moment we've all been waiting for.. Rachel getting her diploma! 

After the ceremony one with all the kids. & Luke and Will don't look like brothers or anything ;) Both looking in the opposite direction! 

Rachel, We couldn't be more proud of you! You are such a beautiful young lady inside and out! We know you will work hard in college, but make sure you enjoy it too! College goes so quickly & it truly is four of the best years of your life! Can't wait to come and visit you! 

Will & Ally 

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