Naville-Ehlers Shower

The weekend after my families shower, Will's families had a shower for me in Floyds Knobs, it also happened to be the same weekend of Will's bachelor party. So we hopped in the car after Will got off of work on Friday & went back home to Indiana. We got in late because we left after rush hour. Saturday morning my Mom and I headed to Floyds Knobs and my Dad and will headed to Bloomington!  

It was so wonderful to have my Mom there with me so she could meet more of Will's family members.

Opening some more gifts-feeling so grateful for all of these gifts! 

The top picture is the Ehlers family (Pam's side) & the lower picture is some of the Naville ladies on Herman and Cell's side! 

All of these beautiful ladies are Will's relatives on the Naville side. & can you believe that we are missing a few! 

All of Will's beautiful Aunts that had the shower for me! Starting on the left: Judy, Jill, Me, Cindy & Jenni.

The ladies made me feel so special & loved. Of course they made me tear up a few times with some of their sweet blessings and words! Feeling so grateful to be joining a wonderful family! 


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