Friends Bridal Shower

Wayyyy back in May my best friend since I was 3 & one of my maid of honors had a bridal shower for me & with most of my girlfriends & family friends. It seriously looked like it should have been on pinterest. I couldn't believe when I walked in that it was MY shower. Just crazzy.

Some of the food & decorations. You can never go wrong with a chocolate fountain! 

The food set-up inside & the outside set-up. Just gorgeous! The weather was perfect also, a wonderful breeze and some sunshine. Love it!

The banner said "Will & Alyson, 9-7-13" It's currently hanging in our apartment.. too cute not to keep! 

One of the games we played was I had to tell all the ladies how Will & I met and started dating, then they had to remember certain details from the story and Alyssa (my MOH) asked questions at the end and whoever answered correctly won prizes! Super fun!

I've decided that opening presents is yes, fun, however awkward when it's just you! I try to pull it off..but man it's a little weird! Thankful for all the gifts! 

The bridesmaids (minus 1) & I. 

Alyssa, my MOH & bestie and my beautiful Mom and I. Love em' both

Pam & Rachel were able to come to the shower! 

& the rest of the party-goers! 

Such a fun time with great friends. Thank you, Ali for having such a wonderful shower for me-I loved every second of it!


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  1. Quite happening bridal shower! My friend is making beautiful handmade invitations for the guests. Her sister’s marriage is planned at one of excellent DC wedding venues next month. Hope the party goes well and her efforts are appreciated.


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