Fourth of July weekend/ Exploring Wheaton

So far living in a new place is awesome. Yes, I miss Indiana & my family, but exploring this new area and figuring out all the hot spots and what to do is so exciting. What makes it better is the person I'm exploring it with.

Fourth of July weekend we of course wanted to see fireworks, so we did some research and saw there was a firework show in the town next to us called Wheaton. Wheaton is a little quaint town with a Christian college in it. They have cute stores on their square and the metra (& other trains) runs through the town. It's adorable. The houses in it look like they could be in a movie.

The fountain is in this cute little "park" area that is next to the campus. They have these trails running through the little park and the fountain is a nice surprise. We aren't actually sure what the big building in the picture is, but we think it used to be some sort of train stop. 

I've never seen so many willow trees in my life. We can't figure it out because there are none in the areas we grew up in! We figured that all of the willow trees were in the south, but nope...there happens to be a ton in Illinois! Go figure. :) The tall pillar picture is a huge building on Wheaton's campus. Some sort of music & art building.. but it's awesome! 

A couple more buildings on Wheaton's campus! 

& of course your obligatory firework picture. Such a fun fourth of July! 

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