Flynn-Dant Shower Festivities

July 13th my families had a wonderful shower for me at my Aunt Christine's house (my mom's sister). She really knows how to throw a beautiful party & spoil the bride-to-be.

The beautiful flowers that she got at Kroger! The statue of the bride and groom was my Mom's parents & Will and I are using it for our wedding cake. I never met my Mom's mom, she passed away when my Mom was in high school, so it's very special that we get to have a part of them at our ceremony. They would've celebrated 53 years July 4, 2013.

Opening up more gifts..wonderfully awkward! ;) 

The McGarvey, Frazier, Flynn crew. Love these beautiful ladies & boy I always forget how tall I am :) 

The top picture is my Dad's family, his two sisters, two cousins & my cousin's fiance. Lauren and my cousin are getting married a couple weeks after Will & I! The bottom picture is obviously my Mom and I, with my Aunt Christine (my mom's sister) and my cousin Jordan. 

Pam & Rachel were able to come to all of my bridal showers which was awesome! 

My mom and I & Jordan and I! Love em' to pieces! 

Had such a wonderful time at this shower & so thankful that my Aunt Christine had one for me! 

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