Will graduated AND found a job!

........all in one week!

I am actually happy I waited to blog on this week. It has given me a chance to digest everything that is happening in our lives! What a truly wonderful week this was.

After a year of both of us applying and applying and applying and applying for any jobs we could get our hands on the moment finally came. It was sweet, but incredibly random. Here are the details.

I was with Will the morning he left for his job interview in Chicago and to be honest, after all of the interviews the two of us had, I was loosing faith that we would find anything. It takes a major hit on your ego to have to hear the words, "We are choosing another applicant." Anyway, he left that morning, I gave him a kiss and told him good-luck to call me once it was over. He did just that. He called and said all had went well and he felt good about this one, however I was not holding my breath. I know that sounds terrible. I told him I was proud of him, but wasn't going to get excited until he was actually accepted. He totally understood where I was coming from. We had just left Qudoba, we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to my Dad and brothers basketball camp they were hosting. We were at a stop light when Will got a phone call from the company. I couldn't hear the lady at the other end, but I did see & hear Will. The lady must have said, "we have some good news for you." Then I looked at Will and saw him smiling and he said, "That is good news." & smiled.. It was so very nice to see. I believe that was a Wednesday and Will was preparing to graduate that Saturday. 

On to his graduation/graduation celebration...

Purdue gives four tickets for each student, they have it in the auditorium and call everyones name on the stage and gives them the diploma. Rachel had her senior prom saturday, so we knew she wouldn't be there, however she came up Friday to celebrate. We went out to eat and had fun celebrating with the Schraffenbergers.

Saturday we had planned to get up early and get some pictures of Will before the ceremony. My family was going to come up and set-up the shelter house and start cooking the food since they couldn't be at the actual ceremony. 

Will and I with Neil. Will looked so handsome & happy to be in that cap and gown. very well deserved!

Keep in mind that Will graduated May 11th and brrr was it cold! I had planned on wearing that dress and didn't bring another outfit. During my graduation it was 100+ degrees. We were walking all over Purdue taking pictures of Will and I was freezing! 

After these pictures we headed into the ceremony and were in there for 2 1/2 hours. Long enough for Bill to fall asleep :) 

He did it!! 

We ran into Will's friend and roommate Dave and his girlfriend Bri. We stopped and took a few pictures with them! 

Of course when we walked outside it was a beautiful day and the sun was out! We stopped at Will's to change and hurried to the park to meet my family for his graduation celebration! That will have to be a different post!

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