Last day on the job...

So very bittersweet to type that! As I'm sitting here reflecting on the last four months, one word comes to mind. Thankful. I got this job in a time when I needed it, yes money wise, but more so for my heart and soul. I was getting turned down left and right from job opportunities & I kept asking myself, "what am I doing wrong?" 

... Turns out it wasn't me. This company, the group of girls I had to say goodbye too- I will probably never meet a group like them. Caring, compassionate, lovable,generous are just few words that come to mind. This job gave me the boost I needed. It was something new, something refreshing. I enjoyed going to work, maybe not waking up early enough, but once I got there I was fine. 

We celebrated by going to Chicago's Pizza...so yummy! They also surprised me with a pair of new sunglasses AND our pots and pans. I cried, of course. They all have beautiful hearts. Will miss them dearly. 

On to Chicago! 

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