Kim and Lauren graduate!

Again, this is all in the same weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up early in Floyds Knobs and Will and I headed to Bloomington. Will was going to his best friend's bachelor party and I was going to IU's graduation.. Unfortunately I couldn't watch Kim graduate because she was in the morning section and Lauren was in the afternoon. However, I did get to see her afterwards!

It's great to have awesome friends!

So happy for Lauren!

Saturday night I drove to Washington with Jordan (my cousin) and Lauren. Sunday, Lauren was having a graduation party at her house. Will stayed the night in Bloomington and then woke up Sunday morning for Lauren's graduation party. 

We had so much celebrating her graduation, wish we could've stayed longer... dang work! 

It was a wonderfully crazy weekend :) 

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  1. This is very happy moment for them and we also wish them good luck for start of practical lives that will give lots of happiness and different situations also. Hope you will keep us updated from your further status of lives with share of posts on here.


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