Indians Game!

Like my last post stated, I have been slacking on my blogging for several reasons, so because of my procrastination it's time to play catch-up. & with that being said, I must go ALLLL the way back to celebrating Will's Birthday, which happens to be in April and it's currently June. Here goes nothing.

Before I start this next story, I must state this is in NO way disrespecting people from Floyds Knobs, I love the people there.... just a joke with my family and Will.

Like I was saying, my family likes to joke with Will that he is from Kentucky. We know Floyds Knobs is in Indiana. However, he has no connection with ANYTHING in Hoosier land. For instance, people there celebrate the Derby, however, Hoosiers celebrate the Indy 500. We hear rumblings of the Derby, but when May rolls around in Indy, it's race time, folks. So in honor of the joke we started an Indy bucket list for Will.

1.) Colts Game
2.) Pacers Game
3.) Indy Zoo
4.) Indians Game
6.) Indy 500 & etc...

Thus far, all we have done is the Indians game (we've been a little pre-occupied trying to plan a wedding) anyway, the Indians game brings us to the birthday boys celebration from yours truly!

I purchased tickets to the Indians game on a beautiful spring day. We walked the Canal (another Indy must) It was just becoming spring and warm weather was right around the corner...excitement was in the air! We stopped and grabbed a couple drinks at a local bar and then walked to Victory field! Another reason I will miss Indy is how walkable it is! You park your car and you can walk where ever your little heart desires!

Obviously I love Indy, but back to the birthday boy... the Indians were playing, you guessed it the Louisville Bats! Naturally, Will and I were cheering against each other, we have the whole "rival" thing down. We had so much fun joking and enjoying the spring day with each other.

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