Bill's 50th!

It's hard to even think back to this weekend I'm about to blog about because it was so crazy.. these next couple blog posts happened ALL in one weekend. We were living on the wild side.

Friday after I got off of work we headed down to Floyds Knobs to celebrate my father-in-laws 50th birthday! We arrived late, but still had a great time celebrating with Will's family & laughing about old pictures.

I am so grateful that Bill is my father-in-law.. what a true blessing he is to his family. He was absolutely raised by two of the greatest people I will probably ever meet. Bill is a true man of God and has welcomed me with opened arms (literally) from day 1. He also is the sweetest, hardest working guy I know! Thankful Will was raised by this guy! Love you, Bill!

I wanted to end with this picture, Bill's sisters made him this sign for his birthday.

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