Will's BirthMONTH extravaganza!

It's hard to believe that it's almost May. I honestly feel like Will's birthday was yesterday. Time flies!

I really love that day. It's about to get super cheesy.. just a warning for ya.

When I say it's my favorite day of the year (give or take a couple i.e. Jesus's birthday etc) I truly mean it. 

I love Will with all of my heart. I would not be the woman or the Godly woman I am today without him. We met each other in times of questioning God and what he wanted for us in life and where he wanted us to go. When we started dating it was like a light bulb went off. This is what God wanted and where he was directing us. To each other. Told ya it was going to be cheesy. Anyway, I love celebrating him on this day or rather, this month.

I was unable to see Will on his birthday (which was a tuesday), so on Thursday, which is my day off, we met up in Crawfordsville and spent the day together. It was perfect. Not a thing to do, but be with each other. It just so happened to be a beautiful day outside. We ended the day with dinner at Arni's. One of the birthday boys favorite places to eat.

Such a wonderful day celebrating my soon-to-be hubby. :) 

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