Kendall proposed!

Will and I have been asked to be apart of a couple of our friends engagements. It has been so much fun to watch it all unfold and hear the plans happening. It really brings us back to our engagement day. A day we will always treasure.

My cousin Kendall has been talking to me about his engagement plans since last summer. I think over that time I had heard several different ideas he had. He ended up recreating how they met which was at IU during the homecoming parade. He literally thought of everything, it was so sweet. Some family and friends were on the road for the "parade route" and all of the rest of us were waiting in IU's football stadium. He proposed in the middle and all of us ran out to congratulate the happy couple.

It was seriously such a beautiful spring day. I love Bloomington, but Bloomington when it's warm is just amazing- nothing compares. Saw a lot of friends and celebrated the happy couple.

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