Groomsmen attire/Organizing

Boy Oh Boy.

What a busy couple of days it has been. I am just pooped. This week is Will's spring break and we wanted to work on some future stuff & wedding stuff while we were both together. I think we went above and beyond that. 

Monday we left Danville for Floyds Knobs, arrived there at 11, had a little lunch and went to work on Will's room. Our goal is before we move in together to go through our "stuff" and get rid of/ organize it. I knew he had a lot of stuff, but I didn't know the extent of the stuff he had. That guy should be on the show hoarders. I mean he had all of his notes from his physics class in high school.. it was like three binders full. I so wish I would have taken pictures, I felt like I was in a war zone. Then with every piece of paper, Will had some attachment to it. I told him it's like ripping a band aide off. :) 

So we started at 11 and didn't finish until 4:30. We had no breaks. I was kind of running a tight ship. I knew if I let him do it by himself he would just keep it all. We did well working together too, I was worried he would get all bent out of shape because it's his "things", but we were laughing and joking with each other. SO happy that's done. I told him next is my turn and he can be just as mean as I was.. but do not touch my clothes :) 

Tuesday we made plans to go with Luke (Will's brother & best man) to figure out how we wanted the tuxes for the wedding to look like. We had a blast & the tuxes look even better than what I was imagining. Will tried it on and I seriously had butterflies. I couldn't stop smiling. He looked so handsome.. I can't imagine how handsome he will look on our wedding day. Heart melted. Both of the guys got fitted and then we had lunch. It was great to catch up with Luke and to hear what was going on in his life. Will just loves him so much and I love seeing their relationship and how they interact. 

Happy with what we got done in those two days and love that each day that passes is one day closer until we are husband and wife! 

Here are some pictures of the tux shopping. 

The groomsmen will be wearing this look with the Ivory shirt and Navy tie. Will, Will's dad and my Dad will have a different tie on. 

Will getting fitted. 

Luke getting fitted!

A wonderful memory to have! 

Will trying it on. Seriously.. I can't even take it :)

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