6 months!

Can't believe I forgot to blog on March 7th! It marked 6 months until we are husband and wife.

People may be getting sick of my countdown to the big day, but I truly feel so much love for Will and so much love that Lord has brought us together I can't help but A.) Praise God B.) shout it from the rooftops!

A few things that are happening now:
1.) shower dates for both families and friends are being tossed around.
2.) researching invitations
3.) dress alterations in May
4.) My bridesmaids are on the ball and have been looking for their bridesmaids dresses.. Can't wait until they all have theirs!
5.) over Wills spring break we are going to pick out the men's suites. Style, color etc
6.) April 20th I'm taking a few bridesmaids, my mom and two of my aunts to go and look at the church and reception hall.

We are busy, busy! 6 months and counting!

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