Happy Birthday to my sweet Momma!

Groundhogs Day is so special to me because that's the day my Mom was born! Everyday should be a day to celebrate what my Mom does for our family- she is seriously superwoman. Without her our family would not be whole. She is our rock.

My Mom lost her Mom when she was 17 and my Dad lost his Mom when he was just a baby. There are moments when of course I take my parents for granted, but everyday I thank God for my parents and all they do for me and my brother. We are the luckiest kids.

We got together with the family to celebrate Mom's special day.


Everyone has heros and role models. You are mine. Everything you do is to help someone else. If you had more spare time, you would spend it helping people less fortunate than us. You are an inspiration to so many. All that you have been through in your life, you could have been an angry person, but instead you put a smile on everyones face when you walk in a door. You have your mother's heart. Our family may never be the richest with money, but we are rich because of our love for each other. You are my best friend and my heart, without you I would never be me. I love you more than words could ever say. You are my inspiration. 

Love always and forever,

Your daughter 

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