Registry time.

This past weekend Will and I ventured out to Sears to register for some tools to make my soon-to-be husband happy :) We had NO idea what to expect when registering for our "things" and we need a lot of everything! Will had enjoyed registering at Sears so much and Bed, Bath and Beyond was next door.. We thought, lets do it.

We walked in thinking they would give us the little gun and we would be on our way. Wrong! They have you sit down and meet with the wedding consultant to discuss all they have to offer and what we should register for. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. Once she set us on our own way, we had a blast.

However, we didn't realize how exhausting it would be. (I know, first world problems) but wow, I think I took a nap on the way back home :) We only worked on kitchen necessitates, we haven't hit the bedding or bath sections yet, but we are working on it! We are so excited!

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