Dant Christmas

Christmas Eve we celebrated with my family. We had SO much fun catching up and laughing with each other. Derek and Julie brought Catch Phrase and after we ate and opened presents we played. My family is pretty competitive, so we split into teams and played for a couple hours. We laughed and laughed.. such a fun game!

Love this sweet lady who happens to be the best Mom ever. 

All 6 of our stockings! Can't believe how quickly our family is expanding. 

A couple of my favorite guys!

The Newlyweds! 

My beautiful parents, married almost 27 years. I love being in the other room and hearing them laugh together... still in love :) 

One big happy family! 

The Kids! 

Derek and I :) 

I'm a big fan of my Dad! 


I guess I'm becoming an adult when you cooking utensils! 

My parents have had the same knife set from when they got married. Will and I thought it was time for a change! I loved the looks on their faces! 

One of my gifts to my sweet soon-to-be-husband.

HA! I love Derek's face in this. They were very excited! 


Christmas Eve brought us many blessings. So many things to be thankful for. 

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