Busy little bees

My family has also had a busy December. On top of it being basketball season for both Dad and my brother, add in the Holiday season and a couple weddings... we were booked!

The first wedding was on my Mom's side, my cousin Megan was tying the knot! It's just crazy to me that we are old enough to be getting married and what not! Megan was a beautiful bride. Here are a few pictures from the wedding.

My mom with her three nieces. 

We're next :) 

Mom with her two brothers and cousin Angela.

We're a good-looking bunch! 

Uncle Dave and Mike 

Mom with the beautiful bride!

So happy for her!

Most of the Flynn cousins with Grandma!

Surprise! I caught the bouquet! 

The next wedding was on my Dad's side. My cousin Kati was getting married and two days before her big day was when the big blizzard hit. We were worried at first that we wouldn't be able to make it, but mother nature was on our side for once :) Here are some pictures from her wedding! 

The beautiful bride. 

Love these sweet people.

A little father-son action. 

The whole family at the wedding. 

Mark, Lou, Susan, Larry

Some really wonderful people!

Bouquet toss

& look who catches it :) 

September 7th here we come!

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