Blessings from above- Tobit Weekend.

Will and I had our Tobit retreat this weekend. If you keep up with my blog, we had our Pre-Cana retreat (which is just a day) back in October and really enjoyed that. Will's Godparents had told us about the Tobit retreat and said that we should think about attending it, but to hurry because it fills up quickly. I can't believe how quickly it came. It was a long, but beneficial weekend.

We got to speak with each other about who our role models in marriage were. Of course we both said our parents and our grandparents. I could tell Will was getting a little emotional (no tears, just a look on his face) Then he said his Uncle John and Aunt Jan. We both smiled at each other and I couldn't agree more. Will's Aunt passed away almost a year ago from her battle with breast cancer. His Aunt really did touch peoples lives. They were such a beautiful couple and lived their vows. She not only meant a lot to Will, but to his whole family. We spoke of his Uncle John's dedication to her through all 40 years of their marriage. How he loved her through sickness and in health. I could really go on and on about the two of them. Their marriage is such a wonderful example of faith, love and devotion.

We went into this weekend not knowing what to expect, but keeping an opened mind. Most of the topics we had already discussed, i.e. fiances, how well do you know your partner, kids, faith etc. Will and I had talked about all of them and most of them deeply. The one topic we wanted to discuss further was our faith. We both knew how our families raised us in our faith, but what we discussed was our faith together as a couple. The couples who lead the retreat had been married for 30 and 15 years, so it was nice to hear their stories and to see how they had evolved over time with life, kids, jobs, money and their faith.

Will and I really discussed how we wanted our household to be when it came to faith. It has been difficult to be involved with any of our churches because we are always on the move. For a while there we were attending four churches. 1 in Bloomington, 1 in West Lafayette, 1 in Danville and 1 in Floyds Knobs. We had both expressed how we wanted to be more involved, but it was almost impossible. With that being said, we are both looking forward, where ever we are, to joining our own church and really getting involved with volunteering and bible studies etc.

One of our favorite things this past weekend was Saturday night. They did a slow motion mass, explaining the different parts of the mass to the couples who weren't Catholic. We had to bring something to the retreat that represented us as a couple and at the end of mass Saturday it would get blessed. Will and I were brainstorming what we would bring for a couple days. We decided to bring a framed picture of our parents on their wedding day & one of our wedding pictures will go in the middle of our parents. Will's parents are on the left and mine are on the right. It was the perfect thing to bring. At the end of mass we got to explain what we brought to everyone and this is what we said.

We explained that these are our parents on their wedding days almost 30 years ago. We both have always appreciated our parents, but even more so now that we are recently engaged. We now realize that it isn't easy and there will be tough times, but it's worth it. There is always a light at the end of a dark time. It brings a smile to both of our faces to know that our parents are still in love 30 years later.

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