Naville Christmas

I remember the first time I met the Naville family, Will and I had been dating for only a couple weeks. He had warned me that he had a large family and I remember saying.. ya, ya, me too. Boy, O, boy I had no idea how BIG he really meant. At Christmas there are 60+ people! I love it! His grandparents are some of the sweetest and most giving people ever and they have passed it down generation to generation.

This year at the Naville Christmas they did something really neat. Instead of exchanging gifts, you got to go and pick a prize and then come and have your picture taken with Will's grandparents. On the back of the picture they had either a prayer or something about you and your personality. These pictures are such treasures. Such a neat idea! 

After we all ate the little kids at a visitor. There are 23 great-grand kids with 24 coming in March. Really incredible. 

Santa came! It was so adorable to see the looks on their faces! I love seeing Christmas through little kids eyes.. really special. 

Once Santa left the grandparents gave the great-grand kids bean bags as a Christmas present! 

Bean bag assembly line... it got a little crazy for a couple of minutes :) 

Sweet Delaney getting a smooch from her Daddy. 

Aunt Jenni holding Makenna

Will and his best man!

Love these sweet people!

He gives the best hugs ever! 

With my soon-to-be husband!

Will and I with his godparents Bob and Jenni

With some lovely Naville ladies! 

Feeling abundantly blessed to be entering into the Naville family. Thankful they are welcoming me with open arms. 

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