A year older, a year wiser..

Isn't that how the saying goes ;) 

I started off the birthday celebrations in my home away from home, Bloomington. Every time I go back I realize how much I love that town. For the past four years we (my family and friends) have celebrated my birthday at this little brewery called Lennie's. We love it. Amazing pizza and great beer, what's not to love, right? Well I had been so busy this fall that it hadn't even hit me that it would be the first time in a long time that I don't get to celebrate a birthday there.... Well that would've happened if I wasn't engaged to an amazing guy. Will planned a birthday celebration with a few of my friends, my in-laws and my Mom (Dad and Derek were at basketball practice) It was so thoughtful of him, I loved every second of it. I also got my first daughter-in-law card! It's a huge thing, people :)

Then Monday (the 5th) I met my Aunt in Broad Ripple. Her bday is the 3rd and mine is the 6th, so we like to celebrate all month long! We had a wonderful time. We chatted about life and of couse the wedding.

My actual birthday (election day) was very different than the past two birthdays :) No Bloomington and no bars.. I was a little out of my comfort zone :) Just kidding.. I can't hang with those college kids anymore. It was perfect evening with my parents and Will. My mom cooked my favorite meal, I blew out 23 birthday candles and opened thoughtful presents. I loved it!

... And if you think that ends that celebrations, well then you just don't know me that well. Derek and Julie came over Saturday to celebrate my birthday. It was a wonderful family dinner. I love when we can all get together. Of course the big topic was the IU game the night before. Basketball season in the Dant house...

Yup, I am the big 2-3. 22 held some big milestones in my life.... I graduated college, moved back home and most importantly got engaged to my best friend. However, 23 will hold even bigger milestones. Marriage, moving in together, finding jobs, possibly moving to a different state. O boy, I guess all of this makes me an adult.

I may sound a little scared and I can't lie, part of me is, but the other part of me is trusting that the Lord will put us where we need to be, I'm working on getting the other part of me to do that. :)

My mom kept telling me she couldn't believe I was 23 (she says that every year), but for the first time, I agreed with her.

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