10 months

November 7th marked 10 months until the big day. I didn't even remember until I looked in my agenda and I had it wrote down. (yes, I'm a little excited)

Well I thought I would give a quick update without giving too much away:

- We went to our Pre-Cana retreat & loved every second of it. I think every engaged couple should attend, Catholic or not. We became closer to each other and the Lord. We are signed up for the tobit retreat in January-really looking forward to it.
-October 22nd we took our engagement pictures in Crawfordsville. It was such a wonderfully cold day.
- We have found both our caterer (yummy food) and a DJ that will make you want to dance all night.and are in the midst of finalizing both of them, just working out little details. (Will has been in charge of handling that)
- We also are the in the midst of finishing our wedding website. You may say, "How's it different than the blog) The website will hold details such and when and where, directions, our story and where we are registered!
- We have also been busy working out the details of both the ceremony and reception.
                -For the most part the ceremony will be a traditional catholic wedding, with just a few tweaks to make it more Us.
                 -The reception, well let's just say you better bring your dancing shoes.

We realize how fast this holiday season will go and then boom, it's 2013. Really trying to soak in every ounce of our engaged life.

Many blessings to come.

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