Say yes to the dress: Cincinnati

I had planned a trip to try wedding dresses on in Cincinnati. They have about two blocks dedicated to just bridal wear. It was like Disneyland :) I had quite the larger group (we were missing 3), but the way I look at it, I'm only getting married once, so go big or go home :) I made two appointments (so glad I did) Both appointments were rather different, as were the shops.

The first appointment was at Bridal and Formal (second largest bridal shop..with the first being Kleinfeld) My crew was thrown into the veil room and were so very kind to sit on the floor (thank you) while I tried on a ton of dresses! We first narrowed it down to what style I wanted... I lost count after about 10 dresses... and then finally, we hit a bulls eye. I didn't have that "feeling" you hear everyone talk about. I could see every one's reaction when I walked in. They were all thinking, this could be it. For me, I had to keep it on for a few minutes....I had think about the ceremony, the reception....I had to really see myself in it. It's really not the easiest decision.. I like SO many dresses, but the million dollar questions was, did I love it? Well, after what felt like an eternity of me just looking at myself.. I decided I needed to think about it. Did I mention that I was really hungry too? :) A girl can't make a decision like this on an empty stomach.. especially this girl. I told my consultant that we would most likely be back, but that I would need some time to think about it and since I did make that second appointment.. I needed to see if there was a dress that could compete with it.

I think everyone was much happier and focused when we got some food & water. With our stomachs full, we headed to the second appointment. In my head, I was really trying to organize my thoughts and remember what the dress looked like on me. Really trying to decide if I loved it.

We head in to the second shop and the whole atmosphere was incredibly different. It looked and felt like a bridal shop. I immediately felt special. I just fell in love. With our new consultant, Lynne by our side, my "entourage" and I headed off to try on some more dresses. We picked out four this round and I headed back to the dressing room to see if any of these competed with the one from the previous shop.

Lynne (my consultant) asked me which one I wanted to try on first. I really had no preference, so she grabbed the first one in line. Looking back, it may have been fate or destiny.. but I slipped into the dress, walked out to my "entourage" and their mouths dropped. We found a competitor! My mom had a few tears in her eyes and some of my friends were holding them back. It was a moment I will never forget. I had a feeling that I guess I never had really thought about... I never wanted to take to the dress off.. I kept saying it. I felt like a princess, but more importantly a bride. After we all got over the shock, I tried on a couple more, just to be sure and then I put "the dress" back on. It was the one, I had found the dress. I couldn't stop smiling or dancing :)

I'm so glad I listened to my heart & stomach.. (hehe)

What a special day it was. Sharing that day with all those ladies was incredibly special, but sharing it with my Mom was just the icing to the cake. A memory we will hold close to our hearts.

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