Engagement story

July 22, 2012.
Will had asked me a couple weeks ago if I had wanted to go on a picnic at the park in Danville. Of course I can’t turn that down. A picnic being planned by my handsome (then) boyfriend. Nothing unusual at all.
Now, Will and I had talked about when we wanted to get engaged, having known for a long time that what we have is so special, we were more than ready, but also we were wanting it to be the right time.
July 22 started off like any regular Sunday. Woke up and had Sunday breakfast with my parents and then went to church. After church Will takes me on a picnic. He had brought my camera and tripod because he told me that he wanted to take our picture for his grandparents. (I questioned that many times) You should also know that Will is not good at keep secrets, especially from me. We finish eating and he tells me that he wants to go on a walk in Blanton Woods.

Background on Blanton: It’s super pretty nature park in Danville. My brother and I grew up there with my dog Samson. It holds many memories. 

Anyway.. Back to Blanton. We are on a walk. Did I mention it was hot (of course). I’m also in a dress..not my best idea. We get to a point in the woods and Will sets up the tripod and camera. All of a sudden I hear people coming. I try to tell Will, but he doesn’t hear me the first time, so I say it again. However, as I’m saying it, Will is reaching in his pocket and pulls out a little black box and I go numb.
He says some of the sweetest and most amazing things to me and then he says it, “Ally, will you marry me?”  I’m pretty sure I blacked out at this point. Thank goodness I was able to get “yes” out. I was literally in shock. I think I was crying and hysterically laughing all at once. It was perfect. The best thing was, he got it on camera. (the first picture at the top)
Little did I know, the surprises weren’t over. Will with the help of two of my best friends… they got all of our families and the majority of our friends to surprise the heck out of me with an engagement party. I cried again. It seemed like this was the theme for that day, but that was okay with me.
We are so ready for this next stage in our lives. We know we could not have made it to this point in our relationship with out the extreme support of our parents, families, friends, but most importantly God. He knew way back when we were Freshman that he had much bigger and better plans for the two of us, if we were patient.

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